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Friday, September 2, 2011

COTD: Temperance

The card for the start of our Labor Day holiday weekend (at least those of us in the United States) is Temperance - a very interesting card pull for what many consider to be the last official weekend of summer, a weekend many spend getting in one last visit to the beach or mountains. Temperance may be something that is needed when surrounded by sun-drenched, drunken holiday revellers.

This is a card reminding us that if we wish to succeed in doing The Great Work, we must seek balance. Labor Day is time off from Labor - I am reminded of something a friend once said, "No one ever writes 'She worked through lunch' on their tombstone." It is just as much a reminder not to get carried away in holiday revelry as it is a reminder to take time off from work, to enjoy the scenery and relax.

I hope everyone has a very wonderful and safe weekend!

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