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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Card of the Day: Adept of Cups

I have been having a week that makes me feel as though there is still some fall out happening from this latest Mercury Retrograde. Usually when I am pulling a card for the day, I am trying to think of the community with which I share this deck and not myself. I have to say on this day however, it is hard not to think that the personal is reflecting on the more public face of me. I am not going to get too personal here, but it is interesting to reflect on how the cards we draw for others can reflect on our own lives.

Today's card is the Adept of Cups, which in traditional decks is the King of Cups. Adepts are about how we express social responsibility in the world. The Adept of Cups is able to maintain emotional control in the midst of crisis. This card can sometimes also be someone who has to discipline their own dreams and creativity to achieve success. She or he is social responsibility placed before self-expression.

Those of you who have studied Tarot with me for a long time know that I enjoy James Rioux's interpretations of the cards on the American Tarot Association website. He says of this card, 

The appearance of the King is often a sign that you should employ peace and tolerance to solve your problems. Use diplomacy rather than force, and accept different points of view. Do not blame others for their failures, but help them to see how they can succeed again. When the King of Cups represents a part of yourself, you must make sure the King of Cups is not manifesting his energy in a negative form. The moderation theme of the Cups suit is critical. If you strive too far into the fiery side of the King you will be burned by his inner flames, but if you slip into the deep water of his emotions you could be overwhelmed and drowned. Stay in the middle and you'll be safe.

Be good to one another everyone - and have a great day!


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