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Monday, August 29, 2011

New Card of the Day Feature

I had already begun posting a card a day to Facebook when it suddenly occurred to me that it might be smart to do such a post here as well. The card I pulled for today is great for a new endeavor: The Ace of Cups!

The Ace of Cups is a wonderful card to pull. It is definitely one of those "yes" cards if you are doing a quick card draw to get a yes or no answer. Aces are all about beginnings, new endeavors, blessings, and hope. In this card, there are no limitations, we are open to possibilities of birth and rebirth. 
Aces can fall in relation to death (the Ace of Cups or the Death card itself) as they represent release and being freed up. They can also show up related to birth! They are also associated with the Seasons, which is another good tool to use for timing. 

The Ace of Cups itself is associated with Summer. It is birth and rebirth in the realm of emotion; letting our emotions flow. Carrying forward the idea of Cups being more passive, this card shows that love and life can not be seized, but only accepted. It shows the presence of spirit at work in the world. New issue in the realm of emotion or relationships. Falling in love. Pregnancy, birth and death.

In the Fellowship of the Fool deck, our Ace winks out at us, he knows that surprises and joy can be just around the corner. A fish jumps out of his cup – a surprise! The model for this card was my dear friend Eridanus Kummerow.  Check out his website here.

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