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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

COTD: The Magician

Today's COTD is the Magician. How will you direct your will today?

This card represents Ego in its best form. Confidence, the use of skills. An adept. Cunning, magickal and occult powers. Writing, speaking, persuasion. Mastery. In previous decks, the Magician has been called the Bagatelle, the Mountebank, and the Battleur, to name a few. In earlier versions, he is sometimes shown to be a conjurer or juggler. Interestingly, while Tarot was still being played as a game, this card had the lowest score. How fascinating that he has been raised up on the basis of his mastery, confidence and ego in today’s Tarot.

In the Smith Waite Tarot, the magician has all four magickal tools at his disposal, representing that he utilizes every skill. He raises a magic wand to bring the spiritual life force into the mundane world. He represents manifestation. Over his head is the Cosmic Lemniscate, the symbol of eternity. Around his waist is a snake biting its tail - the ourobouros, another symbol of eternity. The red and white he is wearing indicate youth in its passion and purity. Astrological symbols are all around the table. He is filled with creative energy which he has the power to direct.

In the Fellowship of the Fool deck, the Magician stands near a desk with all of his magickal tools, his Book of Shadows open to the page of the spell he wishes to cast. He is focused and filled with the passion of The Great Work.

In divination, this is a card about power received and power directed. It is the will power unified and directed to goals. this is someone who already has everything they need. It is a card of the will and of confidence.

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