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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good morning and happy Beltaine to all those who celebrate! Today's card is the Chariot.

This card comes for me at the dawn of some new entrepreneurial enterprises which I will be sharing with you all very soon. I do plan on teaching some Tarot classes this summer, so do stay tuned for that. The Chariot is very much about seeking out success, and I have also seen it as a card that asks, "What drives you?" I am personally being driven right now by a need for seeking out new endeavors and ways of thinking about my livelihood, so for me, this card feels very appropriate today.

I am also somehow reminded of my current obsession with the show "Vikings" on the History channel, which just had its season finale.The central character, Ragnar Lothbrok, based on Ragnar Lodbrok of Ragnar's Saga, is always seeking more - more land to plunder, more treasures to be had, more sons to be borne, more women to love. He is driven by his need for more - he is driven by his desires rather than driving himself where he wishes to go. The season ends with his current wife, the shield maiden Lathgertha, worrying that his desires will be his undoing.

The theme song of the series, "If I Had a Heart," repeats the chorus "Give me more, give me more, give me more." It is compelling stuff, and I include a YouTube video of it here with the lyrics included - mainly because when I first heard it, I thought they were singing in Middle German!

Listen to the song and ask yourself if you are the Chariot Driver of your own life, or are your desires driving you? Where will you drive the vehicle of your own life?

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